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Our Philosophy / Approach

The Indian Wedding or the Vivaah (a) is a symbolic expression of the sacred union of two individuals, the joining of two families, and the deep rooted philosophy in every minute ritual and custom that is scientifically and pragmatically formed.

Indian marriages are based on the foundation of the timeless wisdom written in our Vedas and many similar ancient scripts. The commitment of marriage unfolds to pursue Dharma (duty), Artha (possessions), Kama (physical desires) and Moksha (Liberation) in unison.

India has distinct and unique culture of many religions, communities, languages, food and traditions. In our weddings, each ritual preformed and every ingredient used are based on the cosmic laws and advanced ancient practices.

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The Big Fat Indian Weddings is a great deal of importance to marriage. The ceremonies and celebrations involve relatives, families, and friends to witness and validate the liaison. And this sacrament is sculpted beautifully into the institution of marriage and its defined societal norms and values.

The millennials and Generation-Z today are all about customizing personal attributes to blend into the traditions of weddings that reflect their values and social responsibilities. Today, many individuals have taken their time to dig deep and understand the core concepts behind each ritual and custom, realising the essence of our roots away from the oversimplified western ideologies.

We at Abhinava, take pride in our indigenous culture, respect each and every ritual and custom, and understand your love and relationship.

And we are here to do every possible thing to make your wedding memorable for you.

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