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About Abhinava Weddings


There is a common belief that we only discover, never create. By that rule, Wedding Planners have always existed in our families, in the form of Chachas, mamas, and parents and sometimes even as the bride and the groom. It is time you discover us, Abhinava Wedding Planners and Managers, and let us help you create your dream come true and enjoy your wedding and the holy matrimony.

If you’re not holding your wedding at a luxury hotel that will handle the arrangements for you, hire us in India to oversee everything. Not only will we take care of all the necessities such as invitation and decorations, but they’ll also facilitate the complex legal requirements as well.

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About us

Abhinava Weddings, is a professional Event Management Company based out of Mysuru, and providing services in major cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. Starting way back in 2014, after successfully managing hundreds of events from corporate conferences to product launches, we have graduated to Wedding Planning and Management.

With a team of professional experts, who are well-regarded in all the streams of event management, hospitality, budget management, inventory, decorations, and rituals, we create a blend of all traditional, cultural and custom-based rituals with the modern touch to weddings in India.

We want you to enjoy your special day while our experts work on creating an exciting and happy wedding experience for you. Our positive approach, eye for details, and rigorous co-ordination with our service providers, makes us one of the most sorted wedding planners in India, and we aim to give you a memorable picture prefect wedding day. We are here to serve you and serve you better.

Abhinava Weddings has gained a strong reputation in the industry as innovative coordinators, willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your wedding is as unique and exceptional as you are. Our team has received countless accolades and recognition from brides to industry leaders alike.

Our passion for weddings, creative spirit, undivided attention for you, and open and affirming attitude sets us apart. We bring a fresh perspective to event design, and work with your budget and ideas to create an extraordinary event with contemporary style and elegance.

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